Main image Left: Indonesian gado gado salad with peanut sauce, dandelions and daisies.
Centre: local farm picked asparagus is in season, perfect for risotto with peas & parmesan cheese. 

Right: wild garlic leaves served as a pesto sauce for sea bream

Discovering nature's flavours 

Above: my local woods are carpeted with wild garlic, the fragrance from the leaves is everywhere. 

Above: Wild garlic pesto makes a great ingredient for your to scone mix (or on hot toast if you prefer). Serve warm with fresh butter or a sharp cheese for variety in your high tea in the afternoon. 

Take a break from today's strange times and try using your daily walk in the park or local woods to look around. Nature is in abundance as spring is truly here. And right under our noses are some fun ingredients to try - from stinging nettles to dandelions, wild garlic to daisies. 


I have been combining these ingredients into lively fresh pesto, crunchy salads and delicious sauces for fish, pasta  - in fact anything - it's been a welcome distraction and a joy to enjoy the colour and flavour that nature shares with us all. I've added some chili here and there as a touch from my home, Indonesia, which of course faces the same tough challenge as the rest of us.  


Why not have a go at these wild spring tastes and let me know what you think! 


Do stay safe, healthy and well at home.



Above: Wild garlic leaves, a touch of lemon juice, pine nuts (or cashews as an option) some green chillies and olive oil for a versatile pesto. 

Below: A fresh approach to breakfast soldiers, especially good as it is asparagus season right now.   

Below: the stinging nettle is everywhere. In Bali we call them 'Jelatang' and a 30 second blanch in boiling water will take away the sting - they provide protein and are used for medicinal remedies. A great ingredient for pesto and soups.

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