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Soto for the soul

In damp early summer weather season, a warming soup cheers a rainy day. Soto is a perfect way to combine warmth and comfort with a little spice to enliven the taste buds. There are over 50 varieties of Soto across the Spice islands of Indonesia but I have chosen three of the best, in easy to make recipes. Make a little extra, so there is always some in the freezer as a solution for those dark, late evenings when the last thing you want to do is cook!   

Indonesian UK-based chef

Seasonal Modern Indonesian Cooking

Modern Indonesian Cuisine Indonesian food is vibrant, approachable and full of flavour.

Today you can find a wealth of ingredients from the tropical Spice Islands in UK supermarkets & Asian grocery stores.

I hope this website will help you discover the pleasure of modern Indonesian cuisine.


& Spice

A wet spring was a chance to visit this incredible city for a few days, ahead of the summer crowds and discover how much it has to offer. Wandering its back streets and outer islands revealed not only Venetian culinary creativity with some delicious seafood and lively markets but the discovery that the this city's spice connection goes way beyond food…

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