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Main image gallery includes: Chicken Satay with spicy and tangy peanut sauce; fresh lemongrass stalks are used for Balinese Satay; Pork Satay is popular in North Sulawesi island; Satay lilit cooked over a small Japanese Konro grill. 

Sizzilingly irresistible 

Hi there! Summer for me means relaxed BBQ party afternoons, delicious aromas from the grill, lots of crispy salads and ice cold drinks. 


In Indonesia we BBQ all year round - in fact 'satay' (or 'sate' if you prefer) is a national favourite - available everywhere - from street vendors to restaurants, from poolside to campsite. It's grilled meat or fish on a stick, but so much more.   


A good satay served with peanut sauce is the traditional favourite and there are lots of alternatives to try including delicious marinades. Choices include chicken, pork, beef and even fish satay. Make satay part of your BBQ summer season!


Summer is also of course a time for delightful colourful salads that not only look good but should taste even better.  I always try to add a touch of summer fruit in my salads and other seasonal dishes to create an interesting contrast to the savoury and spicy flavours of BBQ and other cooked or fresh ingredient dishes.  


Stay safe, healthy and well at home.



Local fresh seasonal produce, European fruits and veg with a touch of Asian spices provide a world of flavour this time of year.

Below: Streetside temptation from Indonesia goat satay grilled over coconut shell charcoal

Below: Smoked salmon & avocado with Soya sambal dressing and with sesame seeds & radishes

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