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Comforting wholesome food ideas for everyone...

After your autumn walk enjoy some warming spice ideas - 

for meat, fish or veggie lovers.   



North or south, the weather has changed and as temperatures dip, it's important to keep your spirits up, stay healthy and build up a some resistant to the damp and chills. What better way than to try a little spice in your diet, and this time of the year soups, curries and bowl food in general are real winners. 

Cooking pastes are gaining popularity, and a very practical way to liven up meal times with none of the fuss or bother of finding and preparing a range of fresh ingredients - it's all in the one pot, ready to go!  

Chicken curry using RASAKU turmeric blend paste

Vegetable and mixed lentil soup flavoured with turmeric paste - based on ministrone      

 I also cook and freeze a small selection of meals as an easy and quick way to provide something hearty after a rainy or chilly walk or when you just don't feel like cooking a full meal. And on the 'less is more' theme, it is not always practical to stock up on a range of tropical spices in fresh or powdered form. So to make life a little easier, and mangling a familiar saying "to have you spice and eat it" I have come up with my own range of spice pastes.      

RASAKU paste is based on fresh ingredients no preservatives or flavourings or additives, so keep in your fridge.  

RASAKU means 'my taste' in Indonesian 

So I am soon announcing the formal launch of my RASAKU Turmeric Blend Paste. RASAKU means 'my taste' in Indonesian language, a great way for me to share with you the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia's Spice Islands. Visit for more about the paste and recipe ideas. And why turmeric paste? It's versatile, good for you and tastes amazing! 

Stay safe, healthy and well at home.



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