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Petty's very first cookbook is a deep dive into her personal background and birthplace of Manado. Famous for its intensely spices dishes, the cuisine of North Sulawesi makes full use of Indonesia's wide variety of herbs and spices. The book demonstrates both familiar and more exotic dishes but with easy to follow recipes. Notes Petty "It has been fun to shed light on my hometown cuisine." 


Petty Elliott draws inspiration from the many popular dishes served by vendors plying the streets and wet markets of Jakarta.

From centuries past, migrants to the city have created a unique range of street foods in the capital, in varied combinations of ingredients, cooking styles and influences from Europe to the Middle East, India, Malaysia and China. Against the relentless onslaught of international fast foods, Petty has set out to preserve this tradition from being lost and added some of the best dishes from regions around Indonesia.

The result is over 200 pages of recipes with easy, practical instructions suited for any modern kitchen plus sensible alternatives when specific ingredients are not easily found. The author has been writing about Indonesian food for over 12 years, consulting to leading establishments, collaborating with both top Indonesian and international chefs and giving culinary demonstrations.

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