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Jakarta Culinary Feastival

October 3 to 6 2019

A full week of great food entertainment in the capital city of Indonesia.


Petty Elliott will appear in five separate events over the week:

Oct 2nd: Guest Chef Dinner at Kaum restaurant

Oct 4th: Demo on Modernising Sambal at 11am, Fork Stage.

Also that day a 'No recipe' cooking class plus interview.

Oct 5th: Vegetarian Vogue featuring Petty at the Chef's Table, 12 noon, Spoon stage

Oct 6th: Talk Show, 'Lady Chefs in Action' at 1.45 pm, Spoon Stage


Ritz Carlton Bali Exclusive Dinner Presentation

November 21st 2019

Celebrating Indonesia's Spices, Petty is creating a special guest chef menu for an exciting one - off dinner presentation 


2019 London Book Fair

12-14 March, Olympia

Indonesia’s 74th year of independence was a good opportunity to raise its profile as ‘market focus’ country at the 47th London Book Fair.


Over 2,300 stand holders welcomed over 25,000 visitors from 56 countries.


Petty’s award winning book 'Jakarta Bites' was on display at the Indonesian stand.

Over three days, Petty and a team of Indonesian chefs provided a variety of exciting samplers of Indonesian food and drink at the aptly named Spice Cafe. A panel talk at British Library and a cocktail reception at the Design Museum were opportunities to showcase a collection of delightful canapes to demonstrate literature and food culture go hand in hand.   


September 2018

A well attended evening spent discussing the potential for developing the Indonesian food scene in UK. Sri Owen champion of the national cuisine of the archipelago, provided a valuable historical perspective while Petty Elliott underlined the opportunities to capture UK cooks' growing enthusiasm for something different in modern, time constrained households.  

Indo-German Culinary triumph

Sat November 24th 2018

Goethe Institut Jakarta hosted a cultural dialogue on food 


Petty Elliott and German chef Helge Hagemann combined their skills to create a unique fusion dinner demonstrating the traditions of both cuisines and celebrating common ingredients and preferences. As reported by  Jakarta Post:

Teaching at SKOTEL

~Spring 2018

I enjoyed several nights as a ‘working’ guest at SKOTEL, Amsterdam, the training and study hotel, working with students and staff of the Hotelschool business and hospitality school. It was fun and a privilege to contribute to their studies; together we created a lunch for students & management followed by a dinner for public guests, both events themed on modern Indonesian cuisine.


Friday 19th October 7.30pm

Geoffrey Saba

classical pianist, based in London 


The Lure of the East 

Pianoforte Recital


Debussy/Borthwick (1894/1914):
Prélude a l’apres-midi d’un faune


Debussy: Preludes Book 1 (1909-10)

Krisna Setiawan (2015): ‘Ladrang Basa Priyo’ a first ever performance of this composer's work

Ravel: Sonatine (1903-5)

Debussy: L’isle joyeuse (1904)

Cocktails at Footstall Restaurant in the Crypt were designed by Chef Petty Elliott

NIHI, Sumba


Made a number of visits to this incredible resort, as 'visiting' chef and for a short time  assisting in role of executive chef for the resort. Nihi is a delight, not only remote, spectacular and exotic, but very much a contributor to the local community, in employment, in helping to create sustainable water supplies, supporting child health and tropical disease management programmes for local villages. A vacation experience like no other.

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