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Sensory Exceptional

London's Book Fair with Indonesia as market focus was a great chance to stimulate minds via tastebuds, as well as the written word. Over the course of the week commencing March 11th 2019, guests were given a series of glimpses of Indonesia's food culture alongside its literary heritage; stimuli for body, soul and mind. It was a busy week but a fun chance to profile talented authors and chefs under the theme 17,000 Islands of Imagination Revisited. For some visitors it was obviously an enjoyable first impression

Olympia hosted over 2,300 stands and more than 25,000 visitors from 56 countries.

Petty with the team from Indonesia's Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) and members of the Indonesian Book committee

Indonesian music, mystical ballads, spicy canapes and a dramatic visual setting at the Design Museum made the official reception very special.

Petty provides some insights on the art of a soulful bowl of Soto

After the talking...the enjoyment of sampling Spice Island soto


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