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So much choice at Sotogrande's local fish markets!

On the eve of my dinner event at La Reserva Club de Sotogrande I had the chance to marvel at the choice and quality of local fish brought in daily. Come five o'clock every evening the fleet unloads at Estepona fish market. It's exciting to see so much variety, with several fish completely new to me. Allowed to visit this wholesale only market as guest of Javier Rebello, Executive Chef at La Reserva club I learned a lot. It's not only the fish of the Mediterranean but the Atlantic also, as Spain enjoys coastlines to both with shoals coming and going, depending on the conditions. Javier bid for a range of flat fish and shell fish, including spider crab, langoustines and the freshest hake I have ever seen. Some of our 'catch' would be destined to appear on the plates of those attending my Gastronomic Indonesian feast the following evening, and judging from guest reactions the seafood dishes were a special hit. The busy bidding at the auction had made us hungry, but we did not have to go far - in fact a few metres to Restaurante La Escollera to enjoy some crisp, fruity local white wines to complement an array of tapas seafood. Thank you Javier!

Sea bream, red mullet, langoustines, sweet shrimp, squid, octopus and lobster arrive in trays to brisk bidding from local restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.


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