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Stories from Sumba

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Sumba is a stunningly beautiful and remote island tucked in the south east corner of the archipelgo, home to a warm and fascinating people. It’s a place where daily life is still governed by ancient traditions and beliefs.

After this picture was taken the two local chiefs duly obliged by making a sacrificial offering of a chicken to welcome in the New Year. While we barbequed the chicken with coconut milk, birds eye chillies and freshly picked sweet corn, they set down their turbans and enjoyed a cool beer - before eventually heading home to the local village.

New Year's day with local chiefs at Nihi resort on Sumba.

Sumba villages feature distinctive tall hat rooves which double as the family larder protecting and preserving food high above the living area

A quiet, timeless stroll through tradition

Sumba will inevitably change, as tourism impacts local lifestyles. Happily one inspired visitor has contributed an amazing project - a hotel school. I have had the privilege of visiting and working with the young students and their instructors; together they are a bright star in the future of the island as it welcomes visitors. The Sumba Hospitality Foundation.

Into the future... the amazing Sumba Hospitality Foundation

Happy times with some bright young people.


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